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Horseradish Cultural Advice

Horseradish Plants are pretty simple to grow. You can instead of planting direct into the garden, plant in a raised bed or pot.

You must plant where the roots can go deep, so a deep rose pot, or even deeper plastic container with holes in the bottom will do. A raised bed must be as deep as possible, and 18” to 24” will be an ideal depth.

You can use, compost, garden soil (Topsoil) etc, but add a sprinkling of Fish, Blood, Bonemeal
etc. or Growmore. Water once planted, and feeding once a week with a liquid feed will not do any harm. If planting direct into garden soil, then plant a larger size hole, twice as deep, twice as wide, and add a couple hand fills of compost, so that the roots can have a good start in life.

The roots of Horseradish increase in size over winter once the leaves have dried back, so leave it there to grow.

Horseradish can be planted any time of the year, except when the ground is frozen, but best times are March to November. It is a better idea to plant into a deep rose pot using a bit of compost during December to February, and plant into the ground during Spring, as this allows the tuber to grow better over winter.

Horseradish requires little care, they can survive down to minus 30 deg C, and we can only find that rabbits seem to be the biggest problem, they like the leaves. Humans like the leaves as well, as the leaves are edible, but leave some for the plant!

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