Chilli Plant Cultural Guide

Maintain a Minimum temperature of 15 to 20 Degress C

All our Chilli plants have been grown indoors in a greenhouse, so are not use to the cold outdoors during early spring.
Some of our plug plants are surrounded by a net, this keeps the compost in place, which will decompose over time. DO NOT remove this net as doing so will damage the roots and kill the plant.

Chilli plants like heat, but they hate big pots ! To get the best from your chilli plants, DO NOT pot up into a large pot, take it in stages. It will take more time and effort, but reward you with a better plant, and a better plant means more chillis to eat !

Your first pot to accommodate your plug plant needs to be around 6cm to 7cm, and they are cheap from low cost £1 stores, etc, using a good quality compost that has been riddled to remove large bits. To this add some sharp sand or perlite, etc at the ratio of 80% - 20% Compost – Sand, and water. This helps drainage and good root

Once potted, water once then do not water again until the compost has dried out. On subsequent waterings, make sure the compost dries out again before watering. This encourages good root growth and stops the plant dying from overwatering.

Place the pot (Pots) in a warm environment, like a greenhouse, windowsill, conservatory, etc that gets plenty of sunlight. Do not expose chilli plants to low night temperatures or frost.
When the plants roots have filled the pot, pot up into something larger like a 1 or 1.5 litre pot. Keep potting on until you reach a size that is acceptable for the plant to carry on growing and bear fruit. Maximum pot size of about 3 litre should suffice, then you can feed once a week.

If your planning to plant outdoors you need to get your plants use to a colder environment, so keep them in pots, leave outdoors during the day, and bring them in during the night, for about a week or so.
Do not plant outdoors too early, the ground is really cold in April, and the longer they stay in a large pot
where it is nice and warm the better

Feed once a week, then twice a week once the plant has fruit, using a good tomato liquid feed, or similar balanced feed. Enjoy !